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Cover Project + Sample page again XD

June 6, 2009

Well, updating once again~
Heres the first concept for a cover. I still must work on typography and such @@

I will show it to my teacher on wensday and listen what he have to say XD Atm im off to finish cover wohoo~


Well small updateXD
I finnaly drew Astirs national cloth for boys LOL xD
He is also huge WURST fan LOL
I shall stop spoilering the visual book now LOL

And second idea for cover..
STILL cant decide which one to make OTL;;;

Ahhh In 4 days i have made like 17 sketches XDD!
In other words in 4 days i have made as much work as i havent made in like past 3 months LOL!

Anyway VERY sketchy cvber project. On left back (Kerin, Sai, Garret and spoiler lady) and on right Jidai Astir Nildgrass and katerfield.
Its hard to tell who r they since its first phase of sketchy still D;
I hope to work on it Asap D:
Colors are random though D:

And sample page i m working on atm.
I drew kerin casting some earth spells, despite he can use any element since hes the creator of this whole damn world D:
Anyway Kerin has big fan – Chaotic god who is like totally obsessed about him and his hobby is making kerins life hardcore and i thought he would prolly go like FAPFAPFAP if he saw this lol XD

But no that wont be in the sketchbook D:

4 Comments leave one →
  1. June 6, 2009 2:17 pm

    fap! fap!

    Did you get my email? 🙂

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      June 6, 2009 9:07 pm

      not sure D:
      which mail you used?
      Gokunobaka one often get ordinary stuff as spam -_-
      maybe resend @

  2. June 7, 2009 11:31 am

    Ubranie Astira powala lol XD
    Czy ja widze kiełbaskę na podeszwie? XD

    Keriiiiiin *3*
    I ty mówisz że BH to nie s-ai XDDDDDD

    *fap, fap* XDDD

  3. June 9, 2009 3:27 pm

    That right one with Jidai Astir Nildgrass and katerfield looks AMAZINGAMAZING though Astir needs a leg. XD JUIDAI FINALLY CUT IT OFF THAT BASTARD

    at least he didn’t cut off his third leg ^o^~

    chaotic god fapping is win

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