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BH chapter 2 opening art + hetalia~

June 23, 2009

Ok im sposed to get working SRSLY on my japan expo buttons but I AM SO LAZY D:
Instead i drew concept of art for Beast Hunt chapter 2 (i hope i can color it sooooooooooooooooon :C )
I sketched 7 next pages too but i have no time to work on it (AND I REALLY WANNA D:)
Oh my concepts are always so messy OTL

And I finnaly finished Guest art for Liche’s ( Germany x Prussia Doujinshi.
I so totally love this pairing *__*
She drew me guest picture in exchange too *__* Homg Her pic is really wonderfull and im not worth m(.__.)m
But i did my best (Im not really used to B&W stuff though T__T )

Wel that would be it for today D: Back to work DX

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  1. July 8, 2009 2:44 pm

    Oh man, chapter 2 looks like its going to be amazing JUST FROM THE SKETCH ALONE.

    I cannot wait waaaiiii~ ;o;

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