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Ragnarok online Doujinshi charadesigns~

October 2, 2009

Two main characters from 1 of 2 stroies I am planning for DJ~

Other pairing will be Sinx X High priest *_*

Its my first time of making PLOT which is very bothersome XD
I hope Ill make it good but omg its so difficult D: (making plot, adding butsecks and presenting characters
within 40 pages OTL )

Still short plot summary~

While doing some basic shopping, our wizard meets his childhood friend who dissapeared long ago and became professor >D
Despite happy reunion, both of them still keep rather painful memories of their past..
After spending some time together professor suggest to start everything all over. Wizard doesnt know that he plans to carry out revenge (kufufufu)

Professor design was taken from my RO GAYEST EVER Professor Hikyo I’ve made on Aegis Fury Ro while wizard was random thing i wanted to draw roflul.

Anyway there they go~

More info about DJ maybe some progress pages or other 18+ things can be found on my LiveJournal~

Ah and cover update *_*
Concept for now but i think ill keep it XD

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