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Small updates….

December 3, 2009

Omg i have so much work guys D:
That suck :<
I totally want to draw my stuffs now *cries* but i have no time T___T

Im going to make 2 posters for conventions in Madrit and Barcelona DX

Here is draft for first poster.


And since radittz is lazy and theres no more plot for beast hunt for me to draw, I decided to sketch some scenes from LAAAAAATER chapters.
Its like really LAAAAAATE chapters XD;;;;
Sorry for no text in first two but each bubble is spoilerfull LOL.

K thats all i go idle :C

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  1. December 18, 2009 2:16 pm

    O LOLLLL XDDD “poor people…” XDDD
    jedziesz na konwent az do Madrytu Barcelony? *A*
    >:D mam nadzieje ze ja kiedys tez tak bede mogla…
    uwielbiam beast hunt, mysle ze wole Jidaia, chyba utożsamiam się z nim najbardziej xDDD

    aha and btw
    więcej concept’ówwwww!!!!
    PS i wiecej czasu zycze

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