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Some WIPS and progresses NEW SERVER NOTICE!!!

March 3, 2010

All images in ALL previous post are gone..
I am too lazy to upload em all again (besides i dont wana waste space :C )
So yeah.. sorry about that :C

SO incase you’ve been wondering what I have been doing, answer is simple- I WORK HARDZ!
Yeah school started and yet again i feel like drawing (not studyingXD)
Oh i would so share my brainz with Astir( tho he would rather play MMORPG games than draw cuz he cant draw XD )
Sepaking of Beasthunt~ Omg Beast Hunt RL would be lulz XD

Astir would be like Manga and anime tard, and he would Bug the most composed and prefect student in the whole school, jidai to cosplay DGM with him lolol 8D

Of course noone would know Jidai is into manga and anime as well (cuz that wont fit perfect studen vision XD) and he totally dig the Magical girl stuff and have house full of this shit OTL.

Tho despite shared intrests, jidai wouldnt understand Astir’s love towards manly men and sweat and blood and fight, since cute magical girls are more his type xD
Jidai u pedo D:

Lol small progress list of things I’ve been working on XD

And progress for pre lineart D:
I cut jidais hair OTL

Things jidai would read lol ❤

Still working on astir’s magazine D:

Small callendar preview.. im hoping to finish someday LOL.

I sketched 20 pages of The Light realm Lolol.
But Im lazy to make it look better

Something i totally wana finish~ Jidai teaming up with tentacle for beach ball.. cant end good 8D

Glassman and Nildgrass~ Woo shor 5 page scene i drew, tho this one can be shown w/o spoilers lolol.
Omg this kind of drafts takes me 5 minutes so like yeah D; …

Progress of one of finished works XD

Astir and jidai again 8D

AAAAND bonus from Meago XD
After i told her about Astir and Jidai RL she drew pictures haha ❤

Annd thats all ~TL.

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  1. March 3, 2010 5:05 am

    I’d totally read that magical magazine 8D!

  2. March 4, 2010 8:45 pm

    Wanna see the piiiics D:

    Astir & Jidai cosplaying DGM – now THAT I want to seee….

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