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Nowai HUGEZ update! D:

May 15, 2010

Ok BIG update!
Im not being inactive D: Not at all! D:
I have been working bravely for all this time hoho XD

I drew 30 pages of yaoi comic and additional 15 pages of random butsecksyerfytiesthdzs > 52 pages total~
Book is orginally for London expo 😀
I hope sales will go well OTL
Its super PWP butsecks stuff hahaha;;; Sooo awwwkaaarrdddd i telll uuuuuu D;

Here’s sample cover

BUT! Its tiem for neutral stuff C: Which isss~
Beast hunt yay! 😀

I’ve decided to draw beasthunt digitally D: I mean, its much faster for me and currently i have no time at all to draw traditionally, so digital that is! Preview of page 32 ~

And 1 panel done + sketch for lineart.

And how it looks made digitally overall~ Page 31.

I want to draw this story so muuuchhh omgggg :C So many fun characters gonna appear D; Thats why quality will go down a bit but I can make a page daily like this XD ❤

Also small progress of my latest work *I added lineart to it so you can tell whats goin on XD *

And 2 shots of commission I’ve been working on lately:

What else… Oh yeah, I got a chance to paint a transgrender dollfie from soom, She is called DIA and I was instructed to make a boy out of her XD;;;
Say what you want but for me this mold is 100% guy D;

And so finnaly~
Radittz wanted to see some of my characters interaction, so since Im on comic drawing high i drew her short Kyuu and Kerin Interaction.
These are my OC’s thats why we got no chance to “play” them when we have RPG sessionsXD;

This short scene is placed loong after Kerin’s lover’s death (who is also Kyuus father (yes uke had a child with woman, IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT?D; )). Kerin managed to find a piece of his soul and he works hardcore everyday for many years to recreate him from this. Sad thing is, in the end he’s gonna fail all the way XD; *drama drama*
Soul is closed within small pendant thing he carry around with him all the time, which you can see on one of the pages (well you can TRY to see more likelyXD )
As for Kyuu he is horny for 99% time of his life, BUT when he is around Kerin he gets all caring and completly out of his character haha XD;
So yeah thats the “demo ” of their relationship ORZ.

Is super doodly but it was made totally for fun XD;

Thats a big update right. Im very brave and hardworking person.


Ok hugs guys I’ll go back to sla… WORK HARD.
! XD

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