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Some designs+ ToA madnessss

October 2, 2010

I SOOO WANNA DRAW angsty DJ with AschxLuke omgomg ; 3 ;
I dont even know do i want to make it poorny lol.
But baaaw more ToA i play, the more i luv this pairing ; 3 ;
Asch u stubborn jerk go and Hug yer copy NAO lolol ❤

Besides Luke is sucha uke after he cut his hair D8
His eyes got 3x bigger too LOL. (I LIEK)

And to not completly spam with toa (tho i wouldnt callz this spam LOL)
Heres some draft for character profile of Beast hunt cast (atm 2/6 made lolol)

And my part of challenge doodletrade with Radittz (leshock) She prolly wont let me show her part (cuz she dont like to show doodlez to ppl DX ) so i shall show mine only~
I drew rinri and she is supposed to draw korn.
They fight A LOT so her challenge is to draw arguing SEME ohohoh. go radittz! 8D

I had a few more doodlez but Ill keep for next post XD ❤

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