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Rinri and Korn + Hakuoki rant ;<

November 20, 2010

Omg guys I try to get thru Hakuoki series but it makes no sense to me at all ;(

Like whay the hell they send this useless defenslesss dullest ever girl everywhere dangerous? DX
*most epic fail was when they fought at this clan thingy, and people were dying all around and she ran thru all the dead/dying bodies to the one of the male cast and was like OH MY GOD YOUR HAND IS SCRATCHED !!11ONEONE and then she went thru more dying/slashed/stabbed ppl to MEDICALLY HELP SOMEONE!!1ONOENE and of course forced someone else to save her.
wtf she would be so dead 10 times IF this anime made sense_^_

Shes only causing more harm (cuz everyone later must epically save her) and wtf whoever wrote the script for this stupid anime is lacking common sense X___X (I wonder if game is as stupid as the anime. Thats really shame cuz i wanted to give it a try X___X )

Only if bishies wouldnt look so good i would drop it the moment i watched second episode X__X But im watching it in great pain.
I bet male cast would be WAAAAYYYY more intresting if they had INTRESTING teammate for situational talks etc… shes just beyond dull/boring/w/e and TBH the male cast seems kinda “empty” X__X;
I hope she gets killed :C

Daily doodle.
I wanted to sketch something to practice inking later ~
So i came up with Korn and Rinri since they hate eachoter and It’s been a while since i drew them together lol XD

Short about chars:
Rinri became Kerin’s successor after Kerin dissapeared and Korn as the older god totally dissaprove of him leading all the gods and is being an asshole to poor Rinri whenever he can.
Rinri is obviously stronger than Korn and thats another thing which piss off experienced god about the newbie XD

And inked version.
Ink and Nib r fuuunnn (BUT i have WAY to go to master it OTL;;;; )

Take care!

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  1. November 20, 2010 2:48 am

    Lol, you’re absolutely right >,> I seriously don’t get the whole plot and going on war as a private army is so boring. Like you, only the hot smexy guys keeps me on watching. (Who says that the story more important than the art, lol xD )

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      November 20, 2010 3:05 am

      Ahahahaha XD ❤
      Welllll plot do is important but I think my priority is when characters have intresting personality and look smexy 8D!
      And i watched 12'th episode.
      And couldnt stand the feeling that they would sliced both of them like 10 times when the halfbald dude was making epictalk.
      And after he went to die for that stupid bi0tch she didnt even run.
      Geezus X___X

  2. jardindelanuit permalink
    November 20, 2010 7:03 pm

    She’s like the worst female character ever. Just recently I told someone, that Inoue from Bleach is the most annoying character… but I have to take that back. Chizuru is so totally useless and dumb, it hurts. I can’t imagine who could like such a character.
    I’m also only watching it because of the bishies. I wonder why there aren’t more yaoi doujinshi on the market… this anime would be good material with all its hot guys.

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      November 20, 2010 7:14 pm

      LOLD XD
      You have same thoughts like i do D:
      Orihime and Hinata were my MOST hated female characters, thought in latest Bleach chapters, Orihime seems like to be back to like she used to be BEFORE she became useless annoying klutz who can say only KUROSAKIKUN. Cant tell that about hinata cuz whatever kishimoto will do with her, i already hate her so much that nothing will help lol D: (shes the essence of the girls in anime i hate- shy moe kawaii submissive etcetc ) … Or i thought that till i met CHIZURU D; So yeah, I keep watching it and I cant shake off the feeling that they keep her only to save her all the time.
      This really makes no sense XD; She cant fight, she always gets in trouble so later everyone must protect her, she acts irrationally, all she can do is making tea and cry X___x geezus just die already.
      I don’t get it, why the epic samurai guys stick with sucha thing.
      And regarding DJ – i think it might be because of really poor male to male interaction. I mean since they usually interact with personalityless Chizuru, they dont have chance to shine and develop own personality.
      Thats really sad ;<

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