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25 11 Daily doodle and rant duh :C

November 24, 2010

Meh sorry guys today i feel like poop and im so tired so doodles gona be beyond lame XD;

My school depress me – I can’t draw because of it ;<
I had only one free day today and I hoped to draw a lot for the sketchbook but I had to go to stupid skool to take care of some school related things, In the end i got super depressed/tired and just wanna go sleep right now :<
Its really beyond annoying when it takes you a week to organize some paperwork, wasting your own personal time over totally unneccessary things (like waiting for hours for teacher -_- ) and after you're so proud that You've made it, you hear that everything is Ok and when you return home you get mail saying "In the end it wasnt OK come to skewl to see us tommorow"
dud wtf OTL

I really wonder does other people have “times” like they shouldn’t leave their homes cuz everything goes the wrong way ;<
If my mom didnt support me I'd totally breakdown right now OTL
This week I made my teacher mad because of really stupid missunderstanding with the principal, I got missunderstood too many times because of other plenty, silly things which also caused me lots of problems, I dont have strenght to draw as much as i used to because i am dragged from home to take care of fcking stupid paperwork for school…
Plus Seriously i feel so depressed about my final school project :<
I'm making RPG game with my best friend but our teacher just… doesn't understand what the RPG game is -_- (AND she teach MULTIMEDIAS LOL ). She keeps changing our stuff which drives us crazy. Thing is – she is overartistic, does kind of stuff we dont get ( like placing xmas tree in the room and hanging a shoe on it, callin it "cinderella" ) so i don't blame her if she doesnt know what we do – It's just if I were her I'd let my students to do their work in peace FFS -_-

Sometimes I wish I could drink and forget about everything for some time Q_Q Thing is I cant drink cuz I loose conciousness after really small alcohol amount LOL XD (yes for new year eve i drink 0% alcohol for kids XDDDD )
I'm jelous of my OC Kerin, he'd drink all the way up :C!

And well the actually only good thing which happened this week was – my phone broke down XD;
It had 1,5 years so we went to mobile company to get me a new one (they change phones once in 1-2 years for free ) and luckily they had this HTC Desire I totally fell for.
And because I’m with them for 5 years they gave it to me “for free” ( compared to its market price). Yay for PLAY mobile company ~ *makes advertisement *

But beside that my life sucks currently ;< I hope it will pass as fast as possible (the problems, i like my life nonetheless) XD;
Sorry for ranting out you guys, gonna be in better mood tommorrow *Hopefully, if my school wont screw it again :C *

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  1. November 25, 2010 3:28 pm

    aż mi słabo na myśl powrotu na studia, postaram się chodzić tylko na zajęcia i do biblioteki bo nie chcę (znowu) być darmową siłą roboczą wbrew mojej (dobrej) woli OTL
    wystarczy, że właśnie kończę pracę w szkole, i mają po 3/4 lekcje dziennie (a zaczynają się od 8 rano) wracam do domu koło 17 (idę te 30 minut), bo zebranie, przygotuj się i sprawdź testy, skseruj, wydrukuj, porozmawiaj z, zorganizuj dzieciom… OMB!
    będę miała nowy telefon już niedługo, Era dzwoni codziennie i ja nie odbieram bo nie chcę przecież przedłużać umowy :3

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      November 27, 2010 7:07 pm

      No wykorzytsuyja studentow jak sie da.
      Najlepiej jak organizuja “konkursy” i im robisz jakis projekt i dalej se to wykorzystuja a ty sie ciesz bo masz “reklame” XD
      No bycie nauczycielem ssie chyba jeszcze bardziej jak studentem XDD
      Idz do pleja, jak z nimi przecierpisz rok to maja bardzo fajne oferty i telefony XD!

  2. November 26, 2010 10:36 am

    Aawwwwh D: *hug*

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      November 27, 2010 7:07 pm

      :C ❤ juz mi lepiej XD;

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