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27 11 Daily Doodle

November 27, 2010

Resumed work on sketchbook (at lasttttttthgkjfg !!! )

Today my goal is 10 roughworks (I was thinking of adding extra 10 pages for roughworks – to show how illust looked before it turned into linework ).
I wanna hit to 70 pages till end of this weekend D: and i wanna get 100 for next friday so I can slowly prepare to open preorder orzorz.

Anyway first i did today, 9 more to go (go me! XD )

I still gonna decide on final layout OTL.
I think I’ll design like 10 layouts and let you guys decide on best 4, and after that I pick the one I like best out of the remaining 4 XD;
But thats in next week (atm i dont have ideas haha)


Wohoo I made it~!
Heres 10 pages in preview i did today 8D!
Tommorow gotta get to 70 OTL

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