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29 11 DD

November 29, 2010

Wahhhhh wahhhhh D:
I made only 6 illusts on 28th *SAD*
But Im gona get to 75 today for sure ; 3 ;


Im working on beast hunt since i havent updated for a LOOONNNGGG time :C
Here’s the page preview in super SKETCH phase which i print later and pimp it traditional way Lol~

aaannd Minyi haz bday today And i felt utterly bad since YEAR ago, when i promised to draw her smthing XD;;; ( and so I did but then i went like ITSSOFUCKINGUGLY and abandon it halfway LOL )
So yeah atm its prolly most hardcore moment to draw not book related things (i might miss my deadline nooooD; ) But i felt so shitty bout it so I drew her lil doodley (gotta make up for year ago sometime soon when I’ll get some time LOL D; )

Again HBD hun! ❤ sorry for lameness! XD

and uh working on book yupyup !

Thats how it look before i make it look better (like in previous post LOL)


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  1. okolnir permalink
    November 29, 2010 3:20 am

    LOL MINYI’S BDAY PRESENT alsdjf;lhgkl;ajfsdf

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