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December 24, 2010

Ahhh was a lazy day today XD

I was going back from Radittz’s place and was In Warsaw city cuz I need to go thru it to get to my house and I really loved what they did again this year to the Palac Kultury (The Palace of Culture).
Its the most recognisable building made in socrealism Style in 1951-1958 and it became kinda popular because of it XD

They wanted to destroy it But I’m glad they didnt.

Anyway year ago they did the same thing to It and I promised to myself that this Time I will take a photo.
It change colors from red to green, yellow, orange, violet, pink, and blue but I couldnt take more – I had to go to the back of train station to take the photos and I was kinda affraid that some homeless people or thugs grabs intrest in my phone D;
So I’ve taken 2 fast photos and shun to catch my train home. Its really impressive when you are there. The fog gave a really nice mysterious feeling to that rainbowy building XD but it was really pretty to watch~

And Here I’ve been in mall on shopping spree and there was this stand with OMGSOCUTE Polarbears and fluffy seals! D:
I would totally buy one if it wasn’t so goddamn expensiveKJKGKFDH

And finnaly I bought my dog some clothes lololol.
I really loved how funny he walked in the shoes at first XD But he managed to walk nicely after a short while (damn I can’t make fun of it anymore D: )
Its sucha gaydog D: This sparkling little stones 100% fits his gayness XD

And To finish this lazy post with something creativeXD :


Hopefully gonna finish ontime Lol šŸ˜€

Take care ghays~

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  1. December 24, 2010 12:26 am

    hahaha the clothes fit your dog perfectly wtf XD and hishair is so SHINY GORGEOUS you should sell him to make commercials

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      December 24, 2010 3:36 am

      It was the only supergay outfit i decided to buy for him just because it was perfect for my gaydog.
      I always said to myself :I shall never make my dog look like retard and buy him clothes but ITS SO FUN LOL. From now On im gonna buy him shiny clothes from time to time and make him look even more gay than he already is hurhurhur 8DDD
      Next thing im gonna buy is this hair ribbon to make him look beyond faggy ā¤
      And apparently he IS gay XD;;; I never imagined I could have a gay dog haha~

      And its not only shiny but also so silky that you cant stop patting his head D8
      Im obsessed with my dog (and I used to HATE yorkies LOLOL)

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