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December 24, 2010

So the following photos are pure lies now cuz NOTHING IS LEFT HAHAHAHA.
My fammily is terrible XD

We ate so much in sucha short time (But everyone in this house LOVE mushrooms so I guess It cant be helped XD)
My bro is worst tho. He ate so much Borsch D:< I hope something will be left for me tommorow :F

Anyway this year everyone made hardcore presents (Its funny – the more bills you have to pay the more crazy presents you buy LOL).
We had presents for 5 people there XD

I got COPICSSSSSSSJWDFHIDSHKFJDGS. I got like 70 for xmas and Total is around 160 now ohohohoh *o*~
And got lots of cosmetics from Bro’s GF cuz she is into fashion and stuff <3<3<3 Wahh Its good to have someone in fammily who knows this stuff ( goku < n00b ).
I still have to ask her about some stuff cuz I never knew such things existed and I dont know what to do with it ahahahahha( awkwardmuch LOLOL).

And I got Backup drive for my works! D: I can finnaly start backuping computer and getting ready for a HUUUGEEE format: c lol.
Backuping 1 TB gonna take just… Too much OTL.
And I got this sushi set too D:! I can finnaly boil the rice and be sure It wont fail D: And make 7586854 Salmon Makis now Fuuuu~~~~
Salmon Maki are best!
So yeah my fammily is crazy and they go crazy berserk when we have too much things to pay for haha XD;
But I love them so much. They are stupid, irresponsible n0bs when it comes to choosing between bills and presents for fammily XD;;;; But meeehhh it amde my day ;___; <3<3<3
Was worth fighting so much for money to see their happy faces too ❤

Here are some stuff I took pictures of.
Thats our Traditional polish food (This year we left poor Karps alone… So many of them die in xmas that mom felt really bad for them and let 1 Karp to live 1 year longer XD; )
So yuh~! Starting from my fave~!

Here its called "Uszka" – "Ears" for percise translation XD;
It's put into Borsch and IS BEST THING EVER K.
Its filledwith mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms and mushrooms *___* <3<3<3

Here is the fried version.
And here’s boiled XD

And here “Ears” in Borsh XDD ❤ BORCH IS BEST THING EVER MADE!
The essence is PURE mushrooms and beetroot.

And here we have “Grzyby w ciescie ” – “Mushrooms in the Dough”

You really wish you could try this one LOLOL (I ate 30 and feel sick now OTL)

And next is Cod in..YES MUSHROOMS LOLOL!
Mom decided to kill Cod instead of Carp this year XD

And here another best thing evurrrrr~!!!!
Raviolli with Mushrooms and cabbage and onion LOL.
I am really lucky to have best cooks ever in my fammily (mom bro and granny XDDD) They cook I eat and THAT’S LIFE LOL!

And here’s trad polish BIGOS!
Its cabbage and Mushrooms~
Usually you put some meat but we don’t eat normal meat on xmas day.
(Thats left for 1st day of xmas and I still will have to take photos of our meat foods we’re gonna have tommorow! 8D )
I totally love it and I’m glad my polish cushine have so many mushrooms XDDD

And here’s something I dont really eat But It’s fave dish of my mom’s – Cod in carrot and with tomato essence and.. some other things XD
IDK name for it in english > Fish al’a Greece?D: IDK how to translate it hahaXD;
I am not a fish fan But It’s actually quite good.
Its so orange lolol~

And to finish this XMAS spam a few photos I’ve taken of our xmas tree C:

Aaaand thats all! ❤
And baaah wish you all the best guys!!!! ❤

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  1. December 25, 2010 7:48 pm

    łaaa… co za ciekawy i nieznany dla mnie kształt uszek : )
    nie znamy w domu grzybów w cieście i smażonych uszek
    u mnie z rzeczy ciekawych jest kutia, groch z kapustą i karp w galarecie (którego sobie w tym roku odpuściliśmy na cześć smażonego), no i nie robiłam tego nigdzie ale w tym roku na cześć zmarłego dziadka: opłatek polany miodem i nie składanie rzeczeń każdemu z osobna ale za to jedna, najstarsza składa wszystkim

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