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January 4, 2011

First blog in 2011!~D:
I’ve been thru a lot in passing days but everything is semi allright now ~
Everything will be beyond great If I get my drive back :C

Anyway decided to stop with teh slump and started to draw my school work and related stuff.
First project for the cover? for the game?? whut 8D ?
IDK really but felt like drawing the stupid human mage lawl C:

Anyway We found him a name now 8D~! And we developed his personality a bit whats kinda important in rpg game so u wont get bored to death with wall of text XD;
So the stupid human mage is called Kaith Grimsher, born in fammilly full of mage prodigys.
Beside being a thief he is kinda really sucky mage too (hence he steals artifacts, to be powerfull and heal his complex ).
Though he have unbelivable high amount of badluck and even with artifacts power he still sucks so basically aint seriousbuisness character.
Atm We’re working at his past/goals/history and after we will start to work on the plot. I have idea for first 3 scenes, gotta write the script and draw storyboard later 8D~!

Byrdie you can see is magical and in reality it’s Kerin durrhurr. (Or part of him more likely, he has better things to do than wander on earth with fail of a mage to clean his mess.)
They Obviously gonna have really bad relationship but Kerin is neccessary as the guide through whole story and we will use him as handbag for items (so I wont have to draw stuff like that LOL) and save/load menu + hints for what to do next etc.
Now I gotta work on animation partsss omggg scareed D:
But first I wanna finish picharz durr:C
Happy new year guys!

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