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Goku VS Art thief 1:0 8D

January 10, 2011

Today no drawing but a funny Goku vs Thief conversation.
I actually drawn a lot but commissioners asked me to not post it. 1) was a gift so didnt wanted to spoil the suprise 2) was the gayporn XD
So its available to view on my 18+ LJ instead~!
Today I got noted about some noob selling my Samurai Jack image on tshirts on ebay.
This happened before(and with samurai Jack) so it was nothing new.
Apparently there are two sellers like that, and I’ve contacted both. The one haven’t replied yet the another one did.
To my suprise it was the same person I asked to remove the tshirt like year ago.
Previously I said that I will report this person on EBAY and she said she had a kid to feed so “puhlease don’t do that” and so on and so on.
So I went softer on her and just asked politely to remove my image. And so magically it reapearred lately.
That only proves that being soft on art thieves is like petting a gorilla in heat (I mean you WILL get raped in the end D: D: D:  ).

So just to show you how rude and seemingly “clever” art thieves are nowadays, I will just copy my conversation.

Gokunobaka: I’ve contacted You Long ago regarding the Shirt You were selling.
The graphic was drawn by me and I do not remember allowing anyone to use it on T-shirt. This graphic was stolen from me.
I ask You to remove the Item from EBAY else I’ll be forced to take legal action.
The image number is 1. It’s fine with me If you will edit the image and make it unavailable for sale.

Well the most emotionless note I could make at that time though I was kinda pissed there :<

Thief: Hello, do you have some proff that you could email me because I contacked the store where I bought this picture and they told me that they had legal rights to this picture. They also had copyrights paper in frams on there walls. Thank you, V.

Oh clever sherlock, clever.
Saying you do have rights and theres a random shop providing you with my graphics. Propably inexperienced artist would go like “oh no thats beyond me” and leave it be but I decided to dig the case XD AND WHAT HAPPENED TO HER KID D:~!

I think thats enough proof.
I also have progress pictures of this artwork.
I have never signed any agreement with anyone and even if the shop providing the T-shirts have agreement signed with CN, that does not mean they can abuse randomly found fan artwork.
I , as the creator have instantly all rights for the picture and I do not allow to sell it Online.
The only way they could get the copy of my artwork was DEVIANTART website because I’ve never posted it anywhere else neither I agreed to use it by anyone.
I would like to see the copy of the agreement for mine artwork they got and please give me contact to the store which supply you with my graphics.
For the time being I ask you to remove my graphic from the store.

Well Remeber artists, even if you draw fanarts, all rights to the work belongs still to you~!

Thief: I already removed it but if you don’t want people to have access to your work maybe you shouldn’t be putting it on the internet.. Thank you, V.

Oh so what happened to the agreement and the shop now XD~!
The part about NOT posting on internet was the most hillarious “advice” You could ever get from an art thief xD !!! Seriously how RUDE people can be!
I mean SURE let’s all plug out our internet cables NOW else everything we do will be stolen D: ~!!!
But sarcasm aside, of course I couldn’t leave it at that and HAD to have the final word to defend my artistic freedom D:<

Goku: Even on DA its under creative common license so it’s an obvious sign to not redistribute it in any profitable way.
Besides It’s not like my works have “steal me” sign.

And that was it.

And you know what. I AM SO FARKING PROUD OF MYSELF D: I always thought I was little fag agreeing to everything wrong done to me but this time i acted so ASSERTIVE~!
Nah but honestly I am always like meaning no harm to anyone even if it means harm to myself D;
So in that case I am really happy I stand up agganist evil thiefD:~!

Besides, I am lucky to have Copyrights class in my school. Thanks to that I know what rights I have even if i dont have any hahha.
And of course I never got the contact to the shop or copy of the “agreement” so I assume it was one big bullsh1t ;D
Goku VS Thief battle 2 beging – that is if the dude will reply my note.
If wont then I will see If i can do something about it with EBAY staff.

So like beware of ebay kids D:~!
Till next post ❤

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    • gokunobaka permalink*
      January 12, 2011 9:06 pm

      Yeah thats the b1tch who havent contacted me back yet D:<

  1. January 10, 2011 11:04 pm


  2. January 14, 2011 9:29 am


    • gokunobaka permalink*
      January 20, 2011 8:17 am

      KLOS ZYJE 8D!

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