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Finnaly got idea for the series haha.

February 4, 2011

So like I dont really like drawing book without any theme, so after whole day of thinking, I came to conclusion that I will try to focus on certain theme for each of the future sketchbooks.

So lets start with the one I will release right now:
> Character showcase (OMG showcase sounds so cool 8DDD But IDK yet does it makes any sense hahaha *need to browse the net or ask clever englishspeaking people LOL*
Purely to introduce some characters which will reappear later in other books. Short character info, 2-4 pages dedicated to each character featuring small design and some illusts. I have like 18 characters total in 56 pages.

And planned for later (no particular order).

> Beast Hunt (book completly related to beast hunt cause most people recognise these characters XD)
> Gods /and or Magical creatures themed (Featuring everything whats not human lolol )
> FEMALES. (yes FEMALES. hahaa. I decided that It wont hurnt if ONE DAY I will force myself to draw 50 illusts of boobs XD and we actually have quite a few of them (I mean females, not boobs)).
> Modern times (ITS SO COOL TO MOVE YOUR FANTASY CHARACTERS AND PLACE THEM IN OUR TIMES, RIGHT? 8D I had superfun thinking about their professions etc lololol. Though this sketchbook would be like last and biggest cause people should know characters first :F)
> Couples (Obviously 80% of my couples are gay hahaha. So maybe I should make subtitle “Yaoi” or something LOL )
> Childhood (HNNNNGGGG i decided that drawing some characters when they were young would be so awesome 8D ~! I would toss in lots of situational stuff too~ )

I was also thinking about some situational/characters relation book or action-y book but this would also be like totally last.

So in other words I converted one book into 7 books, instead of 160 pages there will be like 400 so I guess I’ll have way more possibilities to present some characters 8D *and hopefully improve my sketchness too~*
Besides it will be huge challenge to draw all this Lolol.
Anyway I have like 35 pages to go~ 15 more and I can open weekly preorder~! 8D

And and ~ I decided to post some music I enjoy while I draw in every post~
So heres another song c;

Just Jack EMBERS

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  1. February 6, 2011 9:54 am

    D’awww, I love the idea of a childhood book. :3

    Haha, you seem to like giving yourself more work! I do amire your productivity though~
    *cheers you on*

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