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and so again XD;;;;

May 11, 2011

So i got call today at 8 pm again lolol~
So it was like: “Hi we need storyboard for tommorow, U in? ”
And since I am low on funds i couldnt refuse DX

The other reason was- the lady actually praised stuff I did for them recently which made me go “O_O”
I was really totally not confident about things I’ve been doing (Let’s face it I know comics, not storyboarding XD; plus everything I’ve made for em was BEYOND rushed) and she said i have good “feel” to it and all awww D:
It really made me feel so warm and relieved cause I was affraid they only hired me cuz i was stupid enough to accept last minute works haha;
So yeah, Today I felt a bit more pro ; 3 ; !

And so the other script is for PZU Commercial which made me go even more “O__O”
PZU is apparently a big company in poland and It’s first time for me to make something for known company too D: (OHMYGODIAMSONERVOUS)
I wish i could post some drafts but Its confidental haha;
Maybe once commercial is released I will be allowed to ❤

Anyway putting storyboard aside, been working ryally hard on myself (I GO TO GYMNASTICS! Its awesome! :D) and game a bit, also got 4 mascots to do, 2 posters, shitload of commissions, Boy in boy volume 2… I also expect more "we need for tommorow" storyboards too lolol.
duuuudes D: How am I gona make it lol; I am starting to miss the good'ol lazy days full of playing aion and being a mindless blob sitting infront of computer XD;
On the other hand I stopped to feel like mindless blob sitting infront of computer so maybe its good XD;

And to make it still an art blog, not random talk blog i shall post picharz!

Sprite for Rinri NPC for tutorial map (Ur gonna fight the bunny >8D! )

And a doodle I have made during CG class.
It’s actually whats left of it, cuz when i was done my classmate came and asked me with very serious face: “Why do all your characters looks so gay?”
This obviously made me laugh, but to prove him wrong i drew VERY MANRY MAN WITH CIGARETTE AND BEARD YO! oh and scar, cuz scars so manly.
But then I felt something was still not right, and in the end the teacher said it is propably because of this “fur” jacket he is wearing ahahaha~
So true =p

In next blogs Ill post some drafts/progresses for posters, mascots etc~
Hopefully tommorow XD;

Cheers ~!

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  1. Thal permalink
    May 12, 2011 12:26 pm

    oh dear oh dear i have a strong feeling that that’s how it’s going to stay if you get a full time job in storyboarding XD gj btw! 😀

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      May 12, 2011 10:41 pm

      If thats the deal then screw storyboards DX
      Its so exhausting bah D:

  2. May 12, 2011 7:03 pm

    Ah! But storyboarding for commercials and stuff are QUITE similar to storyboarding for comics! XDehe…though I’ve never actually done storyboarding for commercials and whatnot, I’ve been told that my comic work resembles something that COULD be used as storyboards for shows, movies and whatnot…aka…my Star Trek comic work I did for Tokyopop and Paramount…I’ve read many reviews from diehard Star Trek fans that my work looks like it came straight out of an episode…so yea…again, in a way, comic work is a type of more finished storyboarding…we just have a FAR better budget to work with than movies, we don’t have to pay the actors and we direct and film it! LOL XD Aka, LOW BUDGET FILMING! LOL XD

    Yea…I’ve a strange outlook on these sorts of things ^_^;;; but then again, movies created from existing comicbook works actually use the comics themselves as guidelines for the storyboarding process to help stay truer to the feel of it …so yup! you’d be surprised how much your comic work has ‘trained’ you to create storyboards for commercials and the like! :Dehehe

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      May 12, 2011 10:49 pm

      haha bettina mah dearrr ❤

      Yeah I started to think about it that wayXD;
      Its just the "pro" language they use for calling camera views forced me to google it a few times lolol~
      But i've learnt some new stuffs ya~!

      Aww I wish i could go on some movie set to see how they work etc D: That would help greately to think like director and stuffs XD; *I still am not confident what things camera can, or cant do XD; *
      But yeah, movies based on comics are usually following the panels (animes are very good example here XD especially the low budget like first naruto's XD )

      Aww I havent seen your star trek comic D8
      Too bad 90% of comics from US will never see daylight here, in poland LOL.

  3. May 14, 2011 5:19 pm

    I’m so curious about storyboarding; always wanted to do some myself but the pages I bookmarked about it disappeared D:

    How did you get into it anyway?

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