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July 24, 2011

I still have the things to write about Je, i practically did but I need to find the time to choose photos XD
Anyway I got 2 screens working so my desktop is like this now haha:

Which means that I can play AND I can draw at the same time!:P
That’s the most awesome thing ever hahaha!

So yeah I finnaly started to work on next Poster assigment I got for Spain conventions~

I guess I’ll finish it tommorow XD

Also is staying at my place 8D
Were going to play Amnesia The Dark Descent tommorow!
I got to the dead pigs part and Im scared to play alone now LOL D;

It’s kinda weird to talk in english all the time too hahah ❤ But Italian is so cute, I hope she teaches me some~

K tmr Ill update the JE post, AT LAST!

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