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August 4, 2011

2 days ago Radittz told me about this anime called NO. 6
She said its popular on Tumblr (yes i still have no account on tumblr ;P ) and that one of boys looks like Jidai.
I was like NAAAAAH you’re overreacting but when i saw manga… You can imagine my face XD


I dont know should i be depressed or be happy XD
At least now i can pretend someone made Beast Hunt anime LOL.

WELL! At least dates do not lie XD
NO 6 release: Link 2011
Beast Hunt Release 2008 Link Final Character designs Link 2007 And actual design or more like style change redesign, was in 2002! Q_Q

Nah but its really annoying Q_Q Its not the first time I found clones of my OC’s and just u wait and see – I give it 1 month till people will write “THEY LOOK JUST LIKE NO. 6 CHARACTERS! ”

And omg the main characters eyes also change color from brown to red with the storyD:
Damn u japanese rip-off ppl! :<

So yeah, out of all simmilarities in animes/games i think this is most striking XD

Anyway anime itself is very cool (I HURD ITS SHOUNEN AI TOO? *u*)
but maaan D: the designsss D:!

Anyway this motivated me greatly to continue drawing Beast Hunt lol (before more characters find clones xD).
So heres drafts for next 11 pages wohoo!
(Not like you can see anything, but to proove I aint lying 8D! )
Today I'm gona test my new ink + nib or brush! We'll see C:

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  1. shilin permalink
    August 4, 2011 7:12 pm

    holy crap they do look so much alike, ALL 3 OF THEM. I hope no one gives you shit for it tho ): at least you did beast hunt before no6 right!? SMACKJEEVES TIMESTAMP FTW

  2. August 4, 2011 7:23 pm

    lolol @_@

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