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awww ;u;

August 8, 2011

My doggie made huge health progress since my last entry ;n;
Today he actually caught intrest in buggin me for piece of pizza (which i ofcourse refused to give him cuz he still isnt healthy)
But thats a good sign D:!
Changing veterinarian saved his life i think.
If we kept going to the previous one, I have the feeling I would have no dog today lol…

There was this powder food for sick dogs, and our previous vet saw him gettin all skin and bones and NEVER reccomend me to use it, or even mention it exists… wtf 😐 Lousy vets are lousy. But he have like best medical care right now and on my part i did best i could.
I transport him in my little bag haha XD
People are like WTF when they notice him insidE (he is so tiny and calm, that he looks like a plushie XD! )

So yeah, it takes a long time to get to the new vet (around 1,5 hour by train and buses and walk) but its worth it ;_;
Hes getin apetite back, not pooping blood anymore and he got more lively too.
I Hope he’ll improve to get better <3!

Anyway I was doodling this thing a long time ago, since I dont want to make it pure comment post, here's my maybe next work I plan to finish XD ❤
Chao little world destroyer ❤

I also started to rewatch kung fu panda LOL ❤
I think Im gettin older, started to draw cartoons XD!
I cant wait for the tv show though!! ❤ I so loved this movie, i think it's my fave dreamworks movie so far XD
Dustin Hoffman as shifu is wtf awesomeness<3 and Jack black huhuh <3<3<3
Totally looking forward to the part 2 too D: (I missed it orzorz).

And i guess thats all <3!

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  1. August 9, 2011 10:15 pm

    uwielbiam kolory tej pracki ❤ i jak zwykle konwencję ;D

    Lousy vets are lousy.- szczerze to najbardziej irytuje mnie w takich zawodach jak lekarz/weterynarz ze jeden ci naprawde od serca pomoze a drugiemu sie nie chce nawet buzi otworzyc tylko odbebnia bez wiekszego zaangarzowania. a zdrowie ZYCIE to nie byle jak sprawa a im sie wkrada rutyna zawodowa i to ty sie pozniej martw do kogo masz sie udac zeby otrzymac pomoc. :S

    • gokunobaka permalink*
      August 10, 2011 12:48 pm

      No racja :<
      Naszczescie znalazlam na prawde gites klinike, niestety daleko i troche droga orz XD;
      Ale grunt ze pomogli pieskowi i mi tych pieniazkow nie szkoda <:
      Moj maly smierdzielek jest wart kazdej ceny XD (chociaz nie ukrywam, za to co poszlo na jego weterynarza od 7 miesiaca zycia, mialabym juz samochod sredniej klasy XDDD )

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