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How to draw your dragon D:

September 13, 2011


Even with all that movie refferences ITS DAAAMN HAAARDDDDDD!
Anyway bwah i need to draw MOAR how to train your dragon *v*
Sucha wonderfull cartoon D8 ❤
(and i need to draw Po and Shifu fanart too orzorz)

I need to find good ref for Hiccup outfit though QnQ
Anyway progress of the one I have already finished

And concept for another one I wanna draw D8

I WANNA HAVE MY OWN DRAGON TOO Q___Q (and I wouldnt mind Hiccup~He’s Hot LOL <3)

Maan i have so many things to draw haha~
Tomorow im away tho.
Going to cheer stupid friend whos being stupid and emo :C

Anyway till next updateh!

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  1. meago permalink
    September 13, 2011 9:50 am

    piegusow mu dorob T^T
    w ogole omg niemoge sie doczekac nastepnych rysow ❤

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