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comission progress~

September 8, 2011

I will be updating it from time to time XD
Bah I’ll try to finish it today Q_Q~!

And done~
But I upload tommororw, waiting for comissioner approval XD;

Also redrafted draft and upgraded idea a abit XD
Now need to figure how is that suposed to drop the effing shadow X_X


Progress and yaoiz XD

September 7, 2011

Ahh I have 2 very tiring and detailed comissions, but they are very pleasant to do despite that XD

Anyway first one got lineart today *c*

Now bases and everything else D8
I hope I’ll finish it on friday D:

Another one is in detailed draft phase (the one ready for linearting)
Its 2 guys from Gaia (NPC’s) roleplaying as priest and nun Lol ❤
Small preview cuz I cant show everything here Q_Q (check my Yaoi LJ for that hurhur 😀 )

Well today Im in very shitty mood, cause got headache allday and stuff:v
So I go to sleep early, tommorow another day full of WORKOUT at gym! 8D

Aw kinda funny cleopatra song XD

Comissions drafts~

September 5, 2011

2 comissions drafts I’m working on atm 😀

Im gona die linearting this properly XD;
And drawing.. I need tod raw it the uber shading way D8

And another flat chibi~

off to work *v*

Lol D:

September 4, 2011

Today I had chillout day sorta D:
After hardcoring stuffs I decided to draw simple stuffs and chilllll~
Then I felt like watching some animation movie so i went this (notverylegal) streaming website and browsed animation tag.
On page 3 i nearly fell of my chair cause of the most awkward movie choice, next to eachother XD

If you do not get that, let me tell you this : legend of blue wolves is a hardcore yaoi with rape and mental torture stuff…
And why it had to land next to my favorite childhood dinosaur cartoon xD

Search tag fail much~ ❤

Speaking of yaoi~
I wanna draw daily some random doodles D:
I dont really post here yaoi-related things but this one won’t hurt I guess 8D

I’m so much into Okami and Aire now XD;

rest EVIL images can be viewed on mah evil livejournal 😀

Yay cosplay design *v*

September 3, 2011

After so many years I got asked by great cosplay group to prepare some good refference designs for clothes and wig ❤
Guys will cosplay 4 of our characters *V* (Aire, Morr, Natsu and Raihyo)
hurhurhur can't wait!

Anyway I started to work on Aire refference sheet~
Designing clothes for actual cosplay differs so much than just drawing them for an artwork XD; (cause I need to figure the possibilities how it can be made and stuffs D: )

So yush, thats what i doodles for now, Im waiting for guys approval, and if everything is allrite I'll start working on it~

K now i go back to drawing comic, update today Q_Q

Ok i stop with reflections

September 1, 2011

I figured that I drew Aire mostly in epic / serious pictures, and hes kind funny character xD;

Meet Stefan, his depression-hug pillow ; n ;

And lol xD
Compact cat

Progress D:!

Google is teh pro inspiration XD

September 1, 2011

Aw i was borwsing google for random words and I found this photo D:

Obviously random inspiration hit me hard and so I’ve started another picture 8D

Bah Im so happy that I got motivation to draw back D:!
Like 2 weeks ago I was so depressed and stuff orzorz;

Also found draft for Bh banner XD

Hail google!

Awwww dudes, cant stop having reflection ideas haha 8’D

Aww now to have time to finish all xD