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Been a while O:

November 12, 2011

Aw i went to MCM which was AWESOME, but i got so sick 😦
I met so many nice people, I bought myself a cute japanese pajamas <3<3<3 and a fancy victorian like style coat XD
I still am sick, but at least I dount cough like an idiot all time and can draw normally XD; (and no more blood! XD )
Omg seriously i felt like some DRAMATIC anime character when i started to cough blood lol. Ofc everything is fine now, but I wish my hair turned white and i would be super real Ukitake cosplayer ever! XD

Anyway small update of stuff I want to finish soon,
beside that well, I focus on getting better still XD

Also i came to conclusion, that music from Nier is kinda like music from Lamento (tho most definately higher quality XD )

But for some reason it really sounds alike :O

By the way, I landed day before the huge LOT Boeing emergency landing lol… (The one without wheels which was so loud about on tv).
I had my return planned for tuesday orginally, but the ticket price forced me to come back on monday, which i guess is lucky cuz If i landed at same time, on tuesday, then airport would have been shut off and I would be directed to city 300 km away Q___Q; With my uber 35 kilos luggage and sick persona XD
So I guess I was lucky XD; And out pilot was very nice and handsome *A* And when he landed I couldnt tell lol.
Im glad tho whole Boeing story ended well.. My brother’s GF boss was in there and she’s really nice person.. she said she wont be flying anymore XDDD

Also my doggie is 100% healthy now but he started to loose fur, and looks more like rat than a dog now… so more vet visits in my plans XD
And for not to keep this post long, thats all! ❤
Ill try to write more when i stop being lazeh! 😀 and maybe up some photos from London later <3!



October 16, 2011

Omg I wanted to take break from droawing now and focus comic but i cant ;A;
So im hardcoring comissions again Q_Q
Heres some drafts of stuff Im working on ATm~

2 type 7 (thats gona be Pain ;v; )

And a few headshots and one chibi~

Vacationplz ;A;

Keychains 6/10 done!

October 10, 2011

Now Ao no exorcist and Kuroshitsuji or deathnote to go D: (I dont know yet tbh XD)

Anyway yay desu shiny stuff 8D

And omg this made me laugh like wtf XD

And so comissions continues

October 5, 2011

I have never been on sucha drawing High lol XD

And some done stuffs~

More comissions

October 4, 2011

Bah I need to rush comission like hardcore now D:
So a few previews of stuffs i am working on atm~

Once I get enought money I can resume MCM stuff XD

Getting ready for MCM london expo~

September 29, 2011

Wah i have so small time and so many things to do X___X
Anyway I started to make beta plexi phonehangers( made of thick plastic) from 4 to 5 cm height~
I hope the company can make them tho :V
If not I stay with bookmarks in worst case D:

Still some other to go :F

How to draw your dragon D:

September 13, 2011


Even with all that movie refferences ITS DAAAMN HAAARDDDDDD!
Anyway bwah i need to draw MOAR how to train your dragon *v*
Sucha wonderfull cartoon D8 ❤
(and i need to draw Po and Shifu fanart too orzorz)

I need to find good ref for Hiccup outfit though QnQ
Anyway progress of the one I have already finished

And concept for another one I wanna draw D8

I WANNA HAVE MY OWN DRAGON TOO Q___Q (and I wouldnt mind Hiccup~He’s Hot LOL <3)

Maan i have so many things to draw haha~
Tomorow im away tho.
Going to cheer stupid friend whos being stupid and emo :C

Anyway till next updateh!